Effects of Saline Solution Spas

Brine baths have traditionally been used for healing in many cultures. They are the basis of many spa systems (e.g. Dead Sea products). Yet they do not only serve as cosmetic skin care but have a much broader range of benefits. Brine baths have positive effects on the skin, the cardiovascular system, metabolism, hormone functions, kidneys and muscles.

• Relaxation of the muscles.
• Relief of the joints.
• Pain relief.
• Detoxification of tissues via the skin.
• Alleviation of rheumatic complaints.
• Relief of the autonomous nervous system.
• Generally relaxing and calming.
• Increase rehabilitation after heavy physical strain.
• Positive effect on psycho-vegetative exhaustion and overburdening mental strain.

Magnesium is considered a very valuable substance when treating the consequences of strokes. When prevalent in a sufficient amount, it also protects the body from neurological dysfunctions and strengthens psychic stability. Chemical signal substances (neurotransmitters) which pass between individual neurons, cross the synapses as electrical impulses. Ions, electrically charged particles, thereby create an electrical current which travels on concerted pathways through the body. Calcium ions in particular are responsible for triggering these impulses once a critical value has been reached. Magnesium, on the other hand, counteracts the calcium ions and functions as dampener, if the signals get too many and the transfer of information becomes too hectic. So, if there is magnesium deficiency, there can be bouts of higher frequencies of neurological processes, which are experienced as stress. This again can lead to nervousness, cramps, digestive disorders, and even to states of complete exhaustion. By supplying the body with sufficient magnesium, stress tolerance is increased. Magnesium can be supplied to the body in food, but can also be absorbed by the skin when taking a magnesium bath.