Sensory Deprivation

Nearly everyone today has to deal with very large amounts of stimuli, to be able to meet the demands of daily business and private life. This sensory overload creates stress which leads to fatigue, tension and decrease in performance. Stress has a negative impact on our immune system and can trigger various diseases. The human brain uses about 80% if its capacity during the day to process and reflect on exterior stimuli. When floating the brain and the nervous system are relieved of all sensory perceptions:

• zero gravity
• no determined position of the body
• no noise
• no visual impact
• no change in temperature

Thanks to the consistent water temperature of approximately 35°C, which corresponds to the skin temperature of the body (thermo-neutral bath), the nerves on the surface of the skin do not perceive any differences in temperature. The water is neither experienced as warm nor cold. The body is at an ideal temperature and does not have to use any energy to balance changes in temperature.